oath & STONE WHO?


a bit about us

Oath & Stone is a bespoke graphic design studio based in Canberra. We love working with small business owners, fun projects that invigorate the community, and people who are excited to create something seriously great. We get a kick out of transforming an idea of the heart, into something tangible. 


how we work

In terms of why you should choose us over the sixteen thousand other graphic designers in the area... 

Everyone will usually tell you that they’re “passionate about what they do” and that they “think outside the box”. 


We are all those things, but this isn’t what sets us apart. To be honest, we believe that these things should be a given. Like being a trustworthy and transparent bank, or a hygienic restaurant.

Our #1 rule:

We don’t design and dash

Our thorough briefing process makes sure we understand the heart of your brand before we start designing. Not only do we want to keep you looking good, but we think about how your design will work in the real world. It’s also not the last you’ll see of us; we follow up to make sure you’re kicking the goals we aimed for. The end result – a finished product that we’re all proud of, that works. 

A close #2:

We create with both head, and heart

We like to think like the Russians who took a pencil to space, rather than a pen that writes upside-down. We design with intelligence, purpose, common sense and humour, but also think about how emotion and personal experiences contribute to how the message is received at the other end.

We also don’t like to contribute to more of what’s already out there, so we think about the unique spin we can put on your project to help your message cut through. We do this through great quality visuals, clever copy and thoughtful consideration for your audience.

A solid #3:

We’re on your side

If you win, we win. Whether it’s making a killer first impression when you hand over your business card,
or reporting the success of the year to your members, we want to see your best foot forward. We value open and honest communication, and mutual appreciation of each other’s skills, and love seeing the direct result of a solid working relationship on your goals. 

your designer

I’m Trish, your senior designer and skills behind the bills. With over ten years’ experience in the creative industry, I love the work I do. I have an artistic and analytical mind, which drives me to produce quality work and meet every brief I take on. 

Since graduating from the University of Canberra in 2007(B. Graphic Design), I’ve worked across a number of industries in both full service and in-house design team environments.