The beauty in a pocket square

Photo courtesy of BT.

Photo courtesy of BT.

There’s no questioning the fact that “the dress” plays a pivotal role in the wedding. As soon as the bride starts her walk down the aisle, everyone else could be wearing couture and it wouldn’t matter.

BIG You said: seventy-five people in a partitioned-off room.
CARRIE It's the dress. How can I explain this? It's like poker -- The dress upped the ante.

So with the spring wedding season already kicking off in Australia, and couples are finalising venues, photographers, menus and guests, we wanted to turn our focus to the gents. Often one of the last tasks to be taken care of, the attire for the groom, groomsmen and groomsladies (and hopefully soon, double grooms!) is no longer set to default.

As he gears up for tonight's FASHFEST show, we chatted to Jonathan from Casa Pavone and Braddon Tailors (BT). Read on as he shared his perspective on how your wedding attire can up the ante, just as much as your bride's.  

Bespoke embroidery by BT.  Photo by  Tom Hall Photography .

Bespoke embroidery by BT. Photo by Tom Hall Photography.

Will you upstage the bride?

A wedding suit should be fun! It’s one of the most special days of your life after all, not a Monday morning client meeting. That said; ensure that the attire isn’t so out there that you will distract guests, and detract from your love standing opposite you. Remember that both of your names are in lights today.

What fabric/style to choose?

I’ve said that your wedding suit should be fun, but you need to ask yourself whether you wish to wear it again after your big day. There is no hard and fast rule as to colours and styling, but generally you should aim for the highest quality fabric that fits your budget. Consider the wedding location’s weather and style of your wedding too; lighter fabrics like cotton/linen blends will breathe exceptionally well on hot days, and provide a much more relaxed feel to your wedding than a formal suit.

Image courtesy of BT.

Image courtesy of BT.

Made-to-measure or off the rack?

Again this comes down to budget, but a made-to-measure suit doesn’t have to be expensive. While many guys will buy off the rack, inevitably they have to spend extra money on alterations to suit their body shape. A made-to-measure suit’s pattern is unique to your body measurements, and will ensure you look a million dollars. Custom details and choices in design ensure that your wedding suit will be truly unique.

Finishing the outfit – accessories and shoes

Personally, I believe you can’t beat a crisp white shirt. It will look great with any suit fabric, and can be dressed up or down. Again, accessories should be fun! Make an effort; your bride and guests do! Take the time to learn how to tie a bow tie, and find a pocket square that complements rather than matches. Don’t leave shoes until the last minute! Simple brown or black lace ups are best, and you’ll need to wear them for a few hours prior to your wedding day to soften the leather. You can choose monk-strap shoes with ankle socks for a less formal feel.

What about the groomsmen?

When it comes to dressing the groom’s party, there are two important points; ensure the attire is comfortable to wear for the whole day, and ensure it doesn’t upstage the groom. Consider what the bridal party is wearing too; if they are in matching dresses, it might be nice to have the groom and groomsmen dressed in matching suits. Differentiate their outfits through your choice of accessories. It is also increasingly common these days to have a female member of the groom’s party; tone their outfits with the bridesmaids, or for something different, a made-to-measure dress in matching suit fabric will exude class.

Christina's made-to-measure dress was the perfect complement to these bespoke Braddon Tailors suits.  Photo by  Aparat Photography .

Christina's made-to-measure dress was the perfect complement to these bespoke Braddon Tailors suits. Photo by Aparat Photography.

Plan ahead

Finally, the best advice is to simply plan ahead. Take your time to find a tailor you feel comfortable with, and talk to them about any ideas you have for your wedding attire. By tackling your suiting early, you can enjoy the process, shop for suitable shoes and accessories, and leave plenty of time to have your suit fitted correctly.


BT will be showcasing their collection at FASTFEST, on 30 September at closing night show 2 (9:00pm).

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