Four ways to include your fur baby in your wedding

You’ve invited all the family, and things are on track for your big day. But there’s one family member who needs a bit more management - your darling fur child.

We've put together a few clever ways that the other love of your life can work in with your nuptials, without becoming the centre of attention for the wrong reason.

As a guest

You may have read our post on the 8 people you need in your wedding squad. We’d like to add one more to the list - the Zoo Keeper.

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, horse or alpaca, ask someone to be in charge of transporting, wrangling and safe-keeping of your beloved animal guest. Chat to them about incorporating pick-ups and drops-offs into your wedding timeline, and whether they would be prepared to take them for a sleep-over either side of the day.


In your bridal party

Imagine a wagging tail greeting you at the end of the aisle, or maybe walking it with you. Your beautiful fur-child can be a great addition to the bridal party. Jazz up their outfit with a flower collar, bow tie, or suit jacket. Best to put them at the end of the line, so there are no claws in lace or cat...astrophic wee-wee situations in the middle of your “I do’s”.

In your photos

Don’t wait until the wedding day to bring your pets into the limelight! Engagement photos are the perfect excuse (as if you needed one though!) to feature your whole family, and dial up the love-factor. Take a drive down your favourite park where you can whimsically stroll or set the scene for play.

Simona Kairaityte

Simona Kairaityte

In your vows / readings

If you’re not “love is patient, love is kind” people, why not pick an animal themed poem or story? This is great if your venue only allows two-legged guests are allowed.

Check out 10 Wedding Readings About Dogs, which includes our personal favourite “How falling in love is like owning a dog”. Maybe The Owl and the Pussy Cat is more your style?  

Finally, a few tips for an animal friendly wedding

  • Just because your venue is outside, doesn't mean it's officially animal friendly. Be a good person and check with your venue before you assume you can ride in on Mabel's back. 
  • A note for the Zoo Keeper - you're on poop patrol buddy
  • Take pup along to your rehearsal and check they can sit still for as long as you need them to.
  • It's a special day for your pet too, so treat them to a trip to the salon a couple of days before the wedding.
  • If you're looking for a cutie bow tie, Kmart has them for a sweet price!

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