The 8 people you need in your wedding squad

Let’s be honest - planning a wedding is rough. Rough on your wallet, mind and spirit. Even the most Martha Stewart-esque of you will spend twelve months orchestrating what’s expected to be a Golden Globe award winning production of your relationship. The tickets are only available for one screening, and guess what? You’re paying for all of them.

You get to the opening night, and you’re herding 100 tipsy cats through a tightly scheduled farm gate the size of a car door. You face hurts from smiling, people keep touching you, and you’ve starving.

Enter, your wedding squad. They’re the middle management of your wedding team and support the already poised eagle eye of your executive bridal party. Often forgotten until the day in a “QUICK grab the table centres and throw them in your boot” moment. Delegate to these folk as your extra eyes, ears and hands, and you’ll be free to walk the red carpet without a care in the world.

Weather Captain

Last minute change of venue because of the weather? Ask the Weather Captain to get in touch with your guests. Have a list of mobile numbers ready to go and hand it over to your pal. They’ll be able to handle any follow up questions, allowing you to unplug and get ready for the ceremony.

Style Captain

If you’re getting married on a beach, in a garden or any kind of venue that can’t be accessed enough time in advance, enlisting the help of an artistically capable friend or a professional stylist may not be such a bad idea. Hand over all your decorations, flowers and signage to your Style Captain, and leave them to create some magic. Packing down is just as important, because you’ll have more pressing commitments after you’ve said “I do”.

Snack Captain

One of the most common things to forget is the rumbling tummies of the bridal party. Time flies when you’re getting ready, and suddenly the ceremony is over and you realise you haven’t eaten since 7am. The integral delegation of the Snack Captain role mitigates the hangry vibe within the bridal suite, and ties you over until the reception without someone getting punched.

Valuables Captain

You’ve signed the register and your celebrant hands you your certificate. Too bad you didn’t bring your bridal tote bag. Ask a friend or family member to keep this safe while you do the rounds hands-free. Same goes for wallets and phones.

Cash Captain

There are some people that you may just inevitably have to pay on the day with cold hard cash or a cheque. Ask someone to be in charge of holding clearly marked envelopes and tracking down vendors for some above board back-of-the-church transactions.

Party Captain

Your MC - most probably the friend that you wished you could have fit in your bridal party. They’re going to command the room and not tell stories that involve boozy nights and people you’ve never heard of. Get them to manage logistical questions from the venue staff and keep you on schedule. You’ll probably find they’ll be able to make decisions on your behalf and only really involve you when it comes to a bar tab milestone.

Gift Captain

If you’re inviting a handful guests to your ceremony and not to the reception, you don’t want to leave their gifts lost in transit. The Gift Captain will make sure that presents get to the venue safely, but can also gather up your fine china at the end of the night.

And finally... Question Captain

Your sole job on the day is to show up, and be joyously happy. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether someone’s flight is delayed, they can’t find their suit, or whether they’ve anxious about appropriately coordinated with the theme. Think about having a “call anyone but us” list to make sure you are the last person they think of until you’re standing up the front. You’ve got priorities, and conversations about which side your guest should part their hair on is a job for the Question Captain.


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Trish Johnstone