wedding FAQ's

Where do we start?

If we sound like your people, let's chat! You can also request a quote.  

Once you give us the go-ahead to join Team Wedding, we'll connect for a coffee or phonecall so we can get to know each other a bit better. We'll work to a timeline and check off all those jobs for you!

Engagement photos

We haven't chosen a photographer yet.

Not a problem, because we're friends with an amazing photographer! Cass from Plum Photography offers complementary engagement photos when you choose a wedding package. An engagement shoot will not only set you up with some great photos for your invitations, but you'll get more comfortable in front of the lens before your big day.

We've already had a photo shoot with another photographer - can I use those instead?

For sure. All you need to do is get your photographer's written permission to send them to us.

I don't want to do an engagement shoot. Can I send you photos from our personal collection?

It depends. The advantage of using professional photographer is that they are high resolution and look like they're coming from the same camera. We would prefer to use professional photos, but are open to looking at what you have. Photos taken on your phone, or at a party look great on Facebook but not on your wedding invites.

What is your shipping policy?

Delivery of printed items within the ACT is included in the quoted price. Projects needing to be delivered outside of this area will be sent by post or courier, and this cost will be quoted separately once the number of items needing delivery is confirmed. 

What if we don't like the design?

Right from the start, we prioritise getting to know you and fully understanding your wedding vision. We also present you with a concept before we go ahead with the real thing. However, we know that things can change and it's really important to get it spot on, so we give you up to two "comfort" rounds of changes to make sure you love it. Any changes that we make after that will be charged for, but of course we'll agree on this before going ahead. 


Once your final payment has cleared, copyright will be automatically assigned as follows:

You’ll own the visual elements that we create for this project. We give you the final files that you need (for example, to pass on to a supplier) and it’s up to you to keep them somewhere safe as we can’t guarantee that we'll have access to the original files in the future. You own all elements of text, images and data you provided, unless someone else owns them.

Oath and Stone will own the unique combination of these elements that constitutes a complete design and we'll license that you, exclusively and in perpetuity for this project only unless we agree otherwise. This basically just means that you can’t take the design we made for you and sell it or pass it on to someone else.

What if we...eek!...break up.

Just like your wedding venue or photographer, we ask for a non-refundable deposit once you approve your quote. This secures your spot so we can start putting our energy into meeting your deadlines. Due to the staggered nature of your project, there are a couple of instalments that we ask you to make along the way, and once made they are also non-refundable. 

Either of us can terminate this agreement by giving seven days written notice. The cost of any items completed up until that stage will need to be paid for in full. Any payments made leading up to the termination are non-refundable.  Any unfinished work won't be supplied or refunded. 

We know weddings can get stressful

We have a strict "No Bridezilla" rule. Grooms that includes you too. We know there's a lot on your plate, but there's no reason to get snappy or rude. We will work our butts off to make sure you're as happy as possible with your designs (because we take pride in our work), and that includes working together to tackle the curve balls together. We're on your team!