Planning your wedding is like launching a company - you need a consistent look and a memorable message. We've designed a style of stationery that pushes the envelope as soon as your guests open it. 

Do you need something special that we haven't listed here? Get in touch and give us the challenge.


Engagement Photos

Before you dive into planning your wedding, why not take the time to celebrate your post-engagement glow? It's a great way to get to know your photographer, but also experiment with your personal style before the big day.

Plum Photography gets us, as much as we get you - that's why they are our photographer of choice. Cass has a number of options to suit your wedding style, and all of them include a complimentary engagement shoot. 

These photos are extra special because they form the basis of your wedding stationery. We can use them in your save the dates, invitation booklets and even your thank-you cards. 


Love logo

A love logo is a must-have for your wedding, creating a beautiful statement that flows across all your stationery. It can also be applied to anything you can come up with - stickers, signage, engraved wine glasses or maybe even embroidered dressing gowns!

The design of your love logo is included when you order invitation booklets, but we can design one separately if you're a true DIY'er. 


Save the dates

With stamps at $1 a pop, the cost of your "pre-invite invites" can add up. We'll give you a URL link that you'll be able to e-mail or SMS to your guests. We'll link them to information about your venue and accommodation options, giving them all the information they need for now, and you'll be able to put that extra stamp money back into the bar tab. 

Prefer to send something in the post, or a magnet to stick on the fridge? We can do that too!



An invitation to the wedding of the year has arrived and you open it to discover 10 beautifully designed pieces of paper. Fast-forward to the morning of the wedding and you're upturning the junk mail pile to find the address of the church, while frantically shoving a $50 note into a card you bought at the service station and worrying that you haven't nailed the dress code. 

After receiving one of our stunning booklets, your guests will want to put your invitation on display, not lose it under last week's Bunnings catalogue. Everything from your ceremony and reception details, to gift registry and RSVP information are compiled in one simple bound booklet. We feature your engagement photos and love logo, and tell the story of what your guests can expect. 



There are certain envelopes that you just know are going to lead to a good time. The anticipation builds as your guest opens the top and pulls out the details of how you'll celebrate together. 

Our custom envelopes are designed to hint at the excitement they hold inside, and aren't your run of the mill wedding style. But neither are we. 


Thank you cards

Your big day was a hit and you've just returned from your honeymoon, but there's one last bit of wedding admin to take care of. Once you've received a few images back from your photographer, we design a simple but beautiful thank you card with space for a heartfelt hand-written note.