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Bespoke graphic design for small and medium sized business, challenger brands and trailblazers.

People will usually tell you that they’re “passionate about what they do” and that they “think outside the box”. Boring

We are all those things, but this isn’t what sets us apart. To be honest, we believe that these things should be a given when you’re a Graphic Designer. Like being a trustworthy and transparent bank, or a hygienic restaurant.



Branding is more than a logo - it’s what people say about you after you’ve left the room. From discovery workshops and brand framework documents, through to logo and application, we get to know the heart of your business like it was our own.


If you need it, we can design it! We can help take the lead on a project, lend an extra pair of hands to lighten the load, or just come to the table with creative ideas. 


From corporate head shots to a whole new brand library, we have a network of great photographers with different strengths and styles. We’re experienced in coordinating and art directing photo shoots, and can help supervise with you on the day or take the reins.


If you need some help finding your words, let us be your voice. No matter your tone, we have the right copywriter for the job. We can edit your words, or write them from scratch. 


Our solid understanding of the printing process ensures that the end product will easily translate from screen to paper. We can also liaise directly with external vendors as an extension of your team. 


Project: Danielle Cleary Events Model Host Search 2019 • Image: Red Photography

Our clients report a 100% increase in general awesomeness after working with us.
— Trish Johnstone, Creative Director


Some of our clients:

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“Trish is simply put, outstanding.”

She has a unique intuition that enables her to understand a client’s business on a deep level, and design a brand that is nothing short of perfect. I couldn’t be happier!

Rachael Bursell, Finance Your Future


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