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we're oath & Stone

We are a bespoke graphic design studio based in Canberra. We love working with small business owners, fun projects that invigorate the community, and people who are excited to create something seriously great.

Everyone will usually tell you that they’re “passionate about what they do” and that they “think outside the box”. 


We are all those things, but this isn’t what sets us apart. To be honest, we believe that these things should be a given. Like being a trustworthy and transparent bank, or a hygienic restaurant.

Have a look around and see how we work and what we offer - you'll see what drives us to wow you with nothing less than an excellent result.

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our work

We're energised when your eyes light up when you talk about your business, and our heart skips a beat when you say "you've nailed it". Check out what this looks like once it's finished.


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